Demand Generation

Our multipronged approach to overflowing the top of your sales funnel.

Demand generation operates at the top of the funnel and is a more proactive approach to positioning your brand in front of your target audience.

Our demand generation program is right for you if:

You are struggling to connect and engage with your target audience.

Your lead volume is low — or existing leads go nowhere

Your company does not highly rank in search results.

Your website traffic isn’t resulting in conversions and leads.

You want your content to perform better.

You lack adequate attribution and need help in measuring marketing performance.

Our first step in improving your demand generation capabilities is to showcase your product-market fit. We do this through thought leadership, webinars, eBooks and other collateral that specifically addresses how your products and services work.

Once your audience can better conceptualize how your solution solves their unique challenges, you’ll start achieving meaningful top of the funnel results through robust content that shows the benefits of choosing you. And at Narrativa, we integrate your sales and marketing teams around a unified approach to demand generation.

Demand Generation Strategy

We deploy a number of strategies for content creation in a successful demand generation campaign. These include crafting thought leadership, marketing collateral such as eBooks and webinars, blog posts video marketing, partner blogs, guest posts and social media.

We’re both experienced and versatile and ready to work with you on whichever strategies align best with your preferences and which resonate strongest with your audience.

As your partner, we help you create custom campaigns to drive interaction with your product or service successfully. Being discovered by search engines and becoming listed organically can take months, sometimes leading to a slow buildup of traffic and leads for your campaigns.

Our range of demand generation tactics to generate traffic include:

Content Focused Website

Thought Leadership Content

White Papers, Blogs, Point of Views, Infographics

Industry Publication

Email Marketing

Conversational style content for sales

Social media platforms – Linkedin, Twitter

Linkedin Community Groups

SEO marketing

Paid Display Ads

Partner/ Influencer Blog

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