Inbound Marketing

Authentic and consistent content creation and amplification drives inbound interest in your brand.

An effective inbound marketing strategy utilizes multiple forms of pull marketing, including content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, and social media to amplify brand awareness and attract new business. By providing valuable content across the entire buyer’s journey, customers come across your business at exactly the right time. And through a careful understanding of the buyer persona and their preferred purchasing methodology, you can efficiently convert the leads you generate into loyal and long-lasting customers and brand advocates.

The methodology is often summed up this way:

Attract: With blogs, keywords and social publishing

Convert: Using forms, calls to action and landing pages

Close: With customer relationship managers (CRMs), emails and workflows

Delight: Using surveys, smart content and social monitoring

At Narrativa, we work with your teams to deliver to your audience the right information at exactly the right time. By increasing interest and brand awareness, you will pull your qualified leads into the pipeline and direct them towards your sales team when they are ready to buy.

We power your inbound marketing programs and make it easy for your prospects to discover, interact with, and help your marketing teams generate more website traffic and qualified leads and nurture your sales opportunities.

Inbound Strategy

Every inbound engagement starts with our strategy process. Whether you’re new to the methodology or looking to revamp what you already have in place, we prepare a content gap analysis to determine how effectively you’re reaching your target audience. We then review all of your channels and tactics and recommend the most effective ways to engage with your audience. This analysis helps us create a custom inbound marketing strategy which combines inbound marketing, content marketing, and sales enablement to grow your revenue and marketing ROI.

Keyword & Content Strategy

SEO and content marketing are two essential components of your inbound marketing program. Written content such as blog posts, eBooks, and white-papers are often the first interaction you’ll have with a prospective customer. Our strategy identifies the most attractive search topics to target and then defines the type of content that educates and engages with your prospect at the same time.

Content Marketing

One of the main ways in which your organization can generate high-quality leads is to regularly create and post quality content. We craft landing pages for your website, develop an email outreach campaign for your prospects and leverage social media to your advantage.

Our content marketing capabilities cover a range of deliverables, including:

Landing pages for the website

Email/In-mail marketing

SEO Research

Blog articles


Case studies

Inbound Amplification

Developing and then amplifying authentic content across social media is at the core of an effective inbound marketing campaign. We help you increase your reach on social media, craft and share content across multiple channels, and help you find the relevant keywords to locate your prospects and promote your products and services

Our inbound amplification capabilities cover a range of deliverables, including:

Social media marketing via LinkedIn and Twitter

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is increasingly about content, intent, engagement and social signals

PPC Advertising

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