Integrated Marketing

Consistent and timely content to meet the unique needs and personas of your customers

In today’s world, targeted marketing plays a larger role than ever before. The right marketing approach enables you to better understand your customers and their interests, challenges and decision making processes.

The customer buying journey is an engagement continuum, where there are multiple potential touch-points for both traditional and new marketing activity. The best strategies employ thought-leadership and content creation that is not self-serving but instead touches on the big issues that are most important to your customers.

At Narrativa, we apply an integrated approach to your marketing strategy and create story-driven content to illuminate the human element of your brand. In doing so, we distil messages across multiple mediums, including interactive, print, digital, and video to deliver an integrated experience which unifies your customers around your brand.

Marketing Strategy

An integrated marketing strategy adopts a thematic approach to industry issues and challenges, matching the marketing priorities with the business priorities. The objective for an integrated marketing approach is to offer a strategic narrative approach to marketing and develop an integrated set of programs or campaigns that have a purpose, are targeted towards a specific market and customer segment, tell a story and have a measurable outcome. From print to social media, you’ll enjoy brand visibility and awareness across all channels.

Buyer Personas and Messaging

We start with an in-depth persona development process. This allows us to identify your target audience, understand how your buyers make purchasing decisions and develop consistent messaging for every customer segment. We create a framework for messaging to distil the messages consistently for each channel. This approach not only allows you to increase efficiency in launching your campaigns quickly but also reduces your marketing costs while keeping your brand voice consistent across all channels.

Content Marketing

Content is what we use to engage with our customers – whether it’s written, verbal, auditory or visual. And regardless of the marketing tactics or channels, content is a part of every element of the marketing mix. We map your content for the entire customer journey using different content formats and channels to drive more engagement and create opportunities to connect with your audience and influence the results.

Our content marketing capabilities cover a range of deliverables and formats, including:

Data Reports

Research Papers

White Papers

Contributed Articles



Search Engine Optimised (SEO) Content

Websites & Microsites


Case Studies

Content Audits


Social Media Content

Email Marketing

Campaigns and Programs

We employ a series of tactics across multiple channels to deliver an effective marketing plan. Our approach encourages developing an integrated set of programs or campaigns that have a purpose, are targeted to a specific market and customer segment, tell a story and have a measurable outcome. Our program timeline will give you a sense of how your stories are developing over time and if there are overlapping or interlinking narratives that can provide additional opportunities for engagement.

Our objective for developing these campaigns and programs is to encourage more social engagement for your brand, by doing the following:

Start with listening

Start with two-way interactions

Develop campaigns and programs that are led by ideas

Be responsive and show empathy in understanding customer needs

Take the long view by seeking impact over time

Quality, not quantity, as the yardstick

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