Lead Nurturing

Aligning customer personas with multiple content distribution channels to nurture prospects along the sales funnel.

We build campaigns to guide and nurture targeted leads down a curated educational funnel. The goal is to turn your leads into high-quality sales conversations.

At Narrativa, we group your content by the placement of your leads in the sales funnel. Doing so ensures that the right information is getting to the right people at the right time.

Our approach to strategizing and nurturing a campaign starts with:

Understanding your buyer personas

Setting up a multi-channel lead nurturing campaign

Designing multiple touch points

Setting up personalized emails

Aligning your sales and marketing teams

Sales and marketing-oriented lead nurturing campaigns enable:

The top of the funnel is where buyers begin to familiarize themselves with your products and services. They may even already be comparing your offerings to other industry competitors and they’re certainly examining your services, pricing, branding, content, big wins in the press and noteworthy clientele. At this stage, it’s imperative to provide your prospects with educational content to truly illuminate the benefits of choosing you. Such content can include collateral on your marketing website, blogs, infographics, explainer videos and even case studies.

The middle of the funnel is the exciting time when prospects are truly considering making a purchase with you. To tip the scale in your favor, make available webinars, third-party validating research, invitations to key events, access to case studies and specific information about your company. The right mix of collateral will help convert these high-value prospects into longstanding customers.

The bottom of the funnel is where buyers are preparing to make their first purchase. At this stage, it’s critical to ensure seamless access to your sales professionals to streamline the on-boarding process. And outside of these interactions with your sales professionals, continue to reinforce your brand’s value proposition through additional educational content which will ease prospects into the customer role.

From the first visit to your marketing website, to downloading white papers and subscribing to newsletters, we leverage multiple engagement tactics to nurture customers along the funnel, including:

Gated content on website & social media

Drip email campaigns

Sales enablement

Account-based marketing

Real-time conversations - Webinars/Tweet Chat

Join conversation on Linkedin Community Groups

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