Marketing Strategy

A go-to-market strategy that incorporates the right blend of customer intelligence, product-market fit, timely customer messaging and sales enablement.

Strategic marketing encourages you to ask the big and oftentimes difficult questions about what your business wants to achieve, its priorities and its needs. With an outside-in approach, you obtain customer intel that your sales professionals may not even be considering.

The goal of the strategy is to unify diverse teams and align everyone to a single marketing purpose. Strategy gives your tactical initiatives a focused mission and helps integrate tactics to make them more effective. A solid plan also measures results and is flexible enough to add or modify existing tactics to increase marketing effectiveness and help your business achieve its goals.

Our approach to strategy marketing integrates all the relevant tactical capabilities to serve the purchasing triggers, values, and channels that are most relevant to your specific audiences. We bridge the gap between customer need and business objectives, delivering a cohesive marketing and sales-aligned strategy that drives impactful results.

Go-to-Market Strategy

A go-to-market strategy can be applied to launching new products and services, re-launching your company or brand, or even moving a current product into a new market.

Your go-to-market strategy depends on many factors including the maturity of the market, existing and potential future players in the sector, the maturity of your technology, your product strategy, your marketing and sales readiness, your commercialization capability and capacity, and more.

Each product and market are different; therefore, each go-to-market strategy should be thoroughly thought out, mapping a market problem and the solution that a product offers.

Our approach defines the market for a particular product or service, focuses on the product or service to be offered and develops a business plan outlining the target audience, marketing plan, and aligning to the sales strategy.

As your partner, we study your company’s preparedness and plans, benchmarking against the best-in-class and identifying the gaps that need to be filled up to before launch. We bring together the key three elements to build and run a high performing GTM framework: strategy, execution, and enablement.

We perform various strategic services and concurrently work on the go-to-market strategy and roadmap and guide customer interactions for established products. Our services for go-to-market encompasses a range of capabilities:

Market Research: 

When you launch a new product or need to accelerate your growth, our market research delivers the right balance of qualitative research (usually live phone interviews) and quantitative instruments (typically online surveys). Also, we conduct competitor intelligence for your target markets to gather and analyze information about your industry, business environment, competitors, and competitive products and services.

Product-Market Fit:

As a part of the product-market fitment analysis, we learn about your customer pain-points and how your solution alleviates their needs. As we pull together your go-to-market strategy, we dig deep into the “why” that led you to build this product in the first place. We think long-term about your strategic objectives to understand how your product will change in the months and years ahead.

Client Journey Research:

Buyers are continually searching for information about your products and services and providing a consistent buying experience is the key to engaging with the buyer across the entire buyer’s journey. Integrating sales and marketing into the customer journey is key. We help you map out the path that your buyers take to find your products or services and then we use this information to reduce friction in the buying process, improving your closing rate.

Messaging & Positioning:

With a detailed understanding of your target audience and their corresponding pain-points in-hand, we work with you on persona messaging, why-buy messaging, sales positioning statements, value propositions and product messaging that aligns with what matters most to your customers. In doing so, we ensure that all company messaging and positioning speaks directly to the desires of your customers and helps the business differentiate itself from the competition.

Strategic Narrative: 

If you are launching in a new market or resegmenting an existing market, a strategic narrative for your product will elevate your message higher up in the industry and provide you an action path to move from explaining and convincing to leading the market. We will focus on building the narrative that aligns to the industry vision, have truly meaningful conversations with all stakeholders, partners, customers, industry influencers and prospects.

Sales Enablement: 

Empowering sales and marketing team members to engage with customers and speak to the importance of your product in the right manner and tailor their messaging at each stage of the buyer journey is both challenging but also mission critical. By developing the right sales and marketing content and delivering it at exactly the right time, your brand can quickly move its sales processes towards a sustainable and scalable revenue-generating function.

Account-based Marketing:

We focus on the elements that will bring strategic alignment on your buyer journey and integrate your sales and marketing efforts to achieve one common goal – more revenue. Our account-based marketing program helps you best understand your target customers and then empowers you to convert opportunities into closed deals. We listen to your target customers and then develop an in-depth knowledge of their wants and desires. To do so, we conduct buyer persona research, strategize and execute personalized marketing campaigns for your target audience, identify tactics for better engagement and help you track metrics to measure your successes.

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