Product Marketing

Fuel your business growth with the right marketing strategies for your products.

With such a preponderance of products available for sale, customer purchasing behavior is shifting away from “nice to have” products towards those products specifically tailored towards solving their unique and profound needs.

The correct approach to product marketing can fundamentally alter the trajectory of a company’s market penetration and user adoption. Executed properly, product marketing links all functions within an organization around the single goal of delivering a compelling product or service consistent with the company’s mission and strategy.

At Narrativa, we approach product marketing with a business mindset. We learn about your business goals and then implement a market penetration strategy specifically designed to help you launch and scale your products and services. Whether it’s launching or resegmenting into an existing market or attacking a new market, Narrativa helps develop and execute on a go-to-market plan to win new customers and drive your overall business vision forward.

Product Marketing Strategy

Product marketing strategy touches every department in your organization and resides at the intersection of product, sales, and marketing. Our cross-section approach enables us to tailor a strategy that aligns individuals across all departments and which is consistent with the overall company mission and objectives.

Product Messaging & Positioning

With a detailed understanding of your target audience and their corresponding pain-points in-hand, we work with you on product messaging that aligns with what matters most to your customers. In doing so, we ensure that all company messaging and positioning speaks directly to the desires of your customers and helps the business differentiate itself from the competition.

Product Marketing Services

Our product marketing services deliver your company’s product story, messaging and positioning to your audience across the entire buyer journey. In doing so, we also incorporate competitive research and market analyses to help you better execute on a product marketing plan that brings you to market quickly and effectively.

Our product and marketing services include:

Market research and intelligence

Competitive Analysis

Buyer Personas

Audience Messages

Product value proposition, messaging and stories

Product Launch and Go-to-market Plan

Congratulations. Your product marketing strategy and messaging are in place and it’s time to go to market! Before doing so, we work with you to develop a launch framework tailored towards your unique goals – whether it’s user grab, maximizing revenue or achieving market penetration, our framework will help you do just that. We also document the entire launch process and framework into a form easily digestible and repeatable by your internal stakeholders and customer-facing teams.

Marketing Collateral

Once it’s time to launch, we empower your sales professionals with content that operates at the nexus of your product capabilities and the needs of your customers. Our goal is to help you have valuable conversations right from the get go and to engage with your customers at every step of the sales cycle.

Our marketing collateral capabilities cover a range of deliverables including:

Market briefs, value proposition and infographics

Product sheets, brochures, pitch decks and positioning papers

Thought leadership content, white papers and blog posts

Landing Pages

Customer Testimonial, Case studies & Customer Stories

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