Sales Enablement

Convert business opportunities into sales with a valid sales enablement strategy.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customers are more informed and empowered than ever. As a result of such informational transparency, these customers oftentimes wait to engage sales professionals until after they have identified a solution for their needs.

The critical question is, ‘are your sales and marketing teams aligned with the buyer’s journey and positioned to help?

Empowering sales and marketing team members to engage with customers and speak to the importance of your product in the right manner and tailor their messaging at each stage of the buyer journey is both challenging but also mission-critical. By developing the right sales and marketing content and delivering it at exactly the right time, your brand can quickly move its sales processes towards a sustainable and scalable revenue-generating function.

Integrating sales and marketing into the customer journey is key. And by focusing on nurturing customer relationships and accelerating your buyer’s understanding of intent and conversion, you’ll drive customer and revenue growth. At Narrativa, we co-create content with your sales and marketing teams that support your entire buyer journey. Coupled with the added perspective of your sales and marketing teams and data-based insights, we drive two-way communication to develop an effective sales enablement strategy and execution plan.

Sales Enablement Marketing Strategy

Sales enablement strategy operates at the nexus of sales and marketing and is centered around the single goal of helping both teams collaborate and attack high-value target accounts. Our collaborative approach to sales enablement means aligning the sales and marketing goals to make everything from messaging to positioning to sales more efficient.

Sales Enablement Program

Our Sales enablement program delivers hyper-personalized content marketing collateral across the full sales and marketing funnel. More specifically, we work with you to develop buyer-centric marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to enable you to best engage with your buyers. Your sales team can leverage this content and collateral in each and every client engagement. Our sales enablement program includes:

Our sales enablement program includes:

Cultivating social media-oriented insights

Digital advertising/re-targeting

Creating value propositions, messaging and stories

Defining and executing campaigns

Measuring and tracking progress

Gathering business intelligence

Gathering account, market and stakeholder intelligence

Sales Content

We provide customer-facing professionals with the right set of tools to assist during the sales process, thus facilitating valuable conversations across the middle-of-funnel and end-of-the funnel sales cycle. For instance, bespoke presentation decks with tailored and targeted content drive ease of live or in-person communication. White-papers and datasheets are instrumental in moving prospects further down the buying journey. Videos are oftentimes excellent forms of communication in nurturing opportunities. At Narrativa, we create a sales content library for your team to have available whenever, wherever. Our sales and enablement services include:

Our sales and enablement services include:

Competitor Research and Analysis Content


Sales Pitch Decks

Case Studies

Video Testimonials

Thought Leadership, Blogposts

Datasheets, Product Brochures


White Papers

Technology Booklet

Sales Scripts

Social Media Content and Messages

Account-Based Marketing

We focus on the elements that will bring strategic alignment on your buyer journey and integrate your sales and marketing efforts to achieve one common goal – more revenue. Our account-based marketing program helps you best understand your target customers and then empowers you to convert opportunities into closed deals. We listen to your target customers and then develop an in-depth knowledge of their wants and desires. To do so, we conduct buyer persona research, strategize and execute personalized marketing campaigns for your target audience, identify tactics for better engagement and help you track metrics to measure your successes.

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