Thought Leadership

Thought-leadership strategy, content and marketing cultivates your brand voice as an industry visionary.

Buyers don’t just purchase your product or service, they also buy into your perspective and approach to solving their problems. They seek out those that bring forth new ideas, are visionary, and that they trust. And they buy from those who stay top of mind as they make their way through a lengthy buying process.

Thought leadership is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. It differentiates you and helps you build a more compelling reputation as an organization that actually cares, and not just a company with self-serving interests. Whether you want to share a big idea with the world, amplify your brand voice or generate demand for your services, thought-leadership is mission critical.

At Narrativa, we help you identify your voice – the lens through which your ideas tie to your business objectives – build the messages and stories that project it, and advise you on where and how it needs to be heard.

From start to finish, we work with you to strategize, develop and execute content programs that establish your brand as an authoritative voice in your industry. Our services include:

Thought Leadership Strategy

An effective thought leadership strategy helps you package and share your insights and ideas— and a unique point of view—to provoke new ways of thinking, spark discussions and debates, and inspire action. We brainstorm, research and create compelling thought leadership content. We will focus on building the strategic narrative that aligns to the industry vision, have truly meaningful conversations with all stakeholders, partners, customers, industry influencers and prospects. We then integrate the optimal mix of content, PR and social media for an integrated marketing program for your particular business.

Thought Leadership Marketing

Thought leadership marketing is all about being in your customer’s heart and addressing the big issues that are most important to them. Integrate your customers into your brand environment with influencer marketing and use inbound marketing to deliver outstanding content that makes conversations more meaningful and builds on relationships.

Thought Leadership Content

By having a well-executed thought leadership content strategy, you frame your buyer’s thinking, spark conversations and lead customers down the decision-making path. With our in-depth blog posts and articles for the top and middle of the funnel, we expand your ideas to enhance your credibility, promote sharing, and improve search rankings. We also employ white papers and e-books to highlight thought leadership by demonstrating your expertise to your target audience.

Our thought leadership capabilities cover a range of deliverables and formats, including:

White papers

Bylines (contributed articles for the media)

Blog articles


Case studies

Data reports

Region-specific thought leadership content

Thought Leadership Presentations

As a thought leader, you are regularly communicating and presenting. Whether you’re announcing a bold new vision or building momentum for an existing one, you’ll need to rally people to make your dream a reality. But getting your audience on the same page can be challenging. We make it more comfortable with an audience-centric approach that gets to the core of what matters most to them. Then, we use storytelling principles to craft compelling narratives and deliver a presentation that inspires people and encourages them to champion your ideas. Team up with us to get your audience excited for the journey.

Our thought leadership presentation services cover:

Story Deck

Product Pitch Deck

Solution Deck

User Journey Deck

Customer Stories Deck

Thought Leadership Public Relations

Marketing and public relations work together to make a powerful combination. With the help of PR acting as a vehicle to reach key industry influencers, your content and brand are able to reach their target audience in a truly influential and effective manner. We craft compelling stories to distill the complexities of your technology and make it simple to understand. We can create relevant and impactful stories to shape messaging that captures attention and resonates with the media.

Our thought leadership PR content services cover:

PR Content Strategy

Campaign Themes

Best Practices Content

Thought Leadership

Industry News

Product-related Content

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